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Humenhoid is a creative research unit specialized in immersive entertainment and transmedia storytelling with focus on cinema, tv series, video games, and marketing.

Humenhoid studies visual representation and promotion modalities examining creative aspects, sector-specific similarities and commercial potential for the creation of stories, advertising initiatives, events, interactive experiences, and complex fictional worlds.

Humenhoid is particularly focused on the conception phase, when the creative vision is established through research, analysis and narration. Humenhoid is able to analyze, compare and recombine elements to shape new content, supporting the definition of world-building narratives by funding immersive coordinates in order to enhance pre-production and marketing.

Research + Strategy + Conception + Storytelling

Humenhoid carries out cross-sectoral studies and product comparisons, working in support of publishers, creative agencies, film producers and video game developers with the purpose of increasing the creative and commercial potential of a project through the creation of pervasive promotional strategies and collateral content.

Humenhoid combines immersive communication systems and transmedia storytelling to create informative structures suitable for media conversion processes between editorial, promotional, cinematographic, television, musical and gaming products and in virtual reality, expanding the possibilities of their application and increasing the level of entertainment.

Humenhoid starts from analyzing what is already there, and aims at generating uncommonly powerful outcomes.

Research areas
tv series
video games
interactive experiences
Main skills
sectoral research
competitive analysis
narrative design
story/world/IP conception
game design
user experience
immersive marketing strategies
educational activities (learning)
quality assurance
Sectoral research

Carry out researches on sectoral trends, collecting information and design references which may help in the inspiration, conception and definition of a project, with its specific requirements.

Competitive analysis

Test and analyze rival IPs/products/games/marketing strategies in order to extract core information elements and build competitive products and engaging promotional initiatives.

Strategic conception

Conceive ideas, narrations, creative visions, advertising, gameplay (storylines, expansions, challenges), transmedia assets and media conversion processes, structuring immersive content suitable for serial development.


Creative writing, text editing and content for websites, promotional initiatives, interactive experiences, immersive projects, video games, stories, dialogues or scripts.


Humenhoid can contribute to support projects where research, conception, writing, and immersion are essential components to create, manage, and promote content for entertainment experiences.

Humenhoid selects sources, links information, produces texts and develops immersive communication experiences and projects.

27.3.2015 — Humenhoid / analysis (thesis) / 120 pp / available upon request

Project Prometheus

A comprehensive case study on information management and narrative design in the Alien (R. Scott, 1979) and Prometheus (R. Scott, 2012) interconnected franchises.

Humenhoid has analyzed Prometheus' (R. Scott, 2012) promotional campaign, its key features, visual representation, information, transmedia storytelling modalities, considering sectoral trends, audience engagement strategies, and design achievements.


2021 Participant | Word-Frame
Writing workshop for short films organized by the Valle d'Aosta Film Commission and the Turin Short Film Market in collaboration with the teachers Massimo D'Orzi, Massimiliano Nardulli, Enrico Vannucci. 2019-20 Ravagnan Gallery | gallery assistant
Sectoral research, copywriting, support of art direction and digital strategy, sales assistance.

Fiera Didacta Florence (Oct 2019) | trainer
In collaboration with Samsung Italy, on transmedia storytelling, entertainment industry and immersive education.
2018-19 Moonscape | consultant • research/analysis/conception/pre-production
Sectoral research, competitive analysis, conception of ideas and communication strategies, presentations and meetings with customers (European Space Agency, Electrolux, Smeg, Pinarello, Fantic).
2017-18 UIBI Foundation | researcher • immersive education/learning/storytelling/game design
Theoretical research and narrative design for immersive learning experiences, blending storytelling, historical-scientific accuracy and game mechanics on analog and digital original products and activities developed by UIBI's internal research group, for educational and training purposes. Collaborations on educational and training initiatives included Indire, Microsoft Italy, Acer Italy, Samsung Italy, Google CS First, Institute of Play, Thinglink, iFixit, Sam Labs.

Immersive Italy (7th European Immersive Education Summit; nov 2017) | speaker
A conversation with Andrea Benassi (Indire) e Matteo Pagani (Microsoft Italy) on the potential of VR. 2017 Ravagnan Gallery | consultant
Sectoral research on modern and contemporary art, competitive analysis (rival galleries), online market comparative study (stores, auctions), support of art direction and digital strategy
2014-15 QZR | graphic designer • Sectoral research, creative writing, support to art direction. 2015 IUAV University of Venice | Master’s Degree in Visual Arts
Thesis: Project Prometheus (R. Scott, 2012), the role of visual communication in the promotion of a film product with transmedia configuration — A comprehensive case study on information management and narrative design in the Alien (R. Scott, 1979) and Prometheus (R. Scott, 2012) interconnected franchises. 2012 Ca’ Foscari University of Venice + University of Geneva | Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and Contemporary Civilisations


Enrico Granzotto | transmedia researcher + copywriter + creative strategist [email protected] Medium LinkedIn Instagram YouTube Twitch Born in Aosta Valley. Currently working in Venezia/Torino/Lucca, Italy
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